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Since 1985, Woodchuck's has been a reliable source of quality, building products for New England's finest construction companies.  Our time sensitive, price competitive response to customer requirements has resulted in an extensive client population comprised of general contractors, roofing contractors, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors and other specialty trade enterprises. If your company specializes in vertical, horizontal, residential, commercial,  institutional or municipal construction projects, contact us, today, and learn why your competitors continue to rely on Woodchuck's to deliver quality products on schedule, at competitive prices, every time.

Woodchuck's Building & Home Center is organized and operates as a full service, building supplies 'Materialman.'  Woodchuck's is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Minority-owned business enterprise. Call or email us at  [email protected] to discuss your next project. We appreciate your business and we appreciate you.

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For Product, Pricing & Service That's Sure To Please, Call Today.


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